BLACK MOON (Split with "Let Shadows Feed My Dark")

by [MAN:SHA]

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*Full Ep (5 Mp3s+Artwork) available for free download here:

*"Let Shadows Feed My Dark":
-Mures was part of Arcane Art, a project founded
by Karsten Hamre (also known from Defraktor, Dense Vision Shrine,Penitent, The Flux Komplex and Veiled Allusions) in 1995/96.
-During August/September 2004 they finished recording the 3rd Arcane Art full length, "Nightly Terrors", which were released later that year as a digipack CD on Trinity Records Hong Kong.
-The project Let Shadows Feed My Dark was started in May 2005.It came to life mainly due to the fact that he had musical ideas that did not fit with those of Arcane Art, and he felt it would be a shame to let
these songs go to waste. He felt it was better to share them with people.

-The track "Ciclotimic" is taken from the album "Emotional Fall"(2005).
-The track "Regression" is taken from the album "Cold,Grey Winter"(2006);
vocals from Drew (Dark Procession).


released January 17, 2009




[MAN:SHA] Paris, France

"I believe that the illusion is the truth, quite as the illumination is the reality. If the illusion was non real, the world could not exist... And that's why Zen which I practise is an alive Zen. It is the Zen of the corrupt world,the Zen from hell. A samourai which trembles in the thought of the non-durability or which is mistaken the world, can not carry out his duty.""Nagaoka Sado". ... more

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